Wigam research has developed the only complete kit that detects, locates and quantifies the leaks, in the air-conditioning systems by using of Azoidro (Nitrogen/Hydrogen mixture). TOTAL TEST-A/C is in compliance with the 2006/40/CE Directive relating to the limitation of the emissions of fluorinated gases from air conditioning systems in motor vehicles, in particular R134a, which has a high potential of global warming.

The pressure regulator and the control pressure gauge pressurize the system to the necessary value so that it can be checked with an electronic leak detector, model FINDER, whose high sensitivity sensing tip detects the Azoidro leaks that are below 5ppm of hydrogen.

TOTAL TEST-A/C allows to perform about 10 tests and includes:

  • Pressure regulator 4.8 MPa (48bar)
  • Control gauge Ø80, class1 with positioning indicator
  • 1 flexible hose, 1/4"SAE, "heavy duty", 1500mm
  • 2 quick couplers 1/4"SAE
  • Azoidro cartridge, 110bar, 1l
  • FINDER electronic leak detector
  • Sturdy plastic carrying case

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