VOYAGER-IR - 09001116

The VOYAGER-IR infrared refrigerant leak detector has been designed to facilitate the work of the HVAC and A/C technicians and make it easier, faster, safer and more effective. 

Why the infrared technology?

The infrared sensors are long lasting. They last much longer than the standard sensors used in leak detectors for HVAC market.

Advantage over other types of refrigerant leak detectors:

  • Sealed sensor: the sensor doesn’t “touch” refrigerant as it passes through the instrument.
  • Doesn’t trigger on high concentrations, liquid or moisture like other types of detectors.
  • Senses change in refrigerant levels, working even in contaminated environments.


VOYAGER-IR designed for HVAC e A/C:

  • 3 Sensitivity Levels (4gr/yr)
  • Audible alarm and optimized graphics on large LCD screen
  • High quality sturdy probe
  • Peak / Mute buttons and connection for earphone
  • Ergonomic design
  • Sturdy case
  • Complies with EN14624:2012, SAE J1627, SAE J2791, SAE J2913.


Detects all halogenated refrigerants, including:

CFC: R12-R11-R500-R503

HCFC: R22-R123-R124-R502

HFC: R134A-R404A-R125-R407C-R507-R410A-R32

 HFO: R1234yf e R1234ze 



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Tecnology infrared
Maximum sensitivity 4 g/year
Calibration automatic
Warm-up time <30 secondi
Response time <3 secondi
Probe lenght 40 cm
Power supply batteria ricaricabile agli ioni di litio
Batteries life 6 ore continue
Compliance  CE n. 1516/2007
Codice Modello Descrizione
09001116 VOYAGER-IR Infrared leak detector
09053009005   Calibration report for leak detector 
09001116001 VOYAGER-IR/RT Leak detector complete with calibration report 

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