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OPTIMA is the newest unit born in the WIGAM factory


OPTIMA is the NEWEST unit born in the WIGAM factory. It represents the New Generation of Stations for recovery, recycling, vacuum and charge for the maintenance and repair of vehicle air conditioning systems. Totally designed and produced by WIGAM, OPTIMA encompasses the most innovative features on the market today, combining Technology and Simplicity in perfect harmony.

Thanks to its new 7” Touch Screen Display, OPTIMA can be set up according to one’s own working habits, by choosing among multiple options and personalizing the daily use. In compliance with the WIGAM tradition, OPTIMA enjoys a design concept that allows the maximum accuracy of the refrigerant quantity, both in the recovery and the charging phase, in line with the industry standards and in full respect of the environment. The 3 independent scales with 1g resolution, managing Oils and Additives, allow to operate in a safe and reliable way on Hybrid and Full Electric Vehicles.

OPTIMA is also set up to work with Hermetic Disposable Bellows bottles, through the purchase of the appropriate kit. The set-up has also been created for the “PLUG-IN“ installation of the state of the art Refrigerant Analyser which interacts directly with the software and for the WIFI packet. OPTIMA is the follow-up of the family of WIGAM’s VARIANT models. An only unit designed to be able to work with either R134a or R1234yf. By means of the purchase of the appropriate completion kit, OPTIMA will be selected for the requested refrigerant during the first starting phase and through a retrofit operation, it can be converted to the use with the other refrigerant.

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